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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Mystics believe the number three to have sacred power. Zen Del Rio believes...good things seem to come to him in threes. For starters, his name contains three sets of three letters.


Zen was born in Mexico City to a family of wildly creative artists. Zen cut his teeth on drawing, painting and ceramic tile under the tutelage of his mother, master painter and designer Gemma Taccogna.


At the age of nine, Zen and his family relocated to Palos Verdes California, where surfing became as much a part of his life as art. Zen spent most of his youth going to school, working in Gemma's studio and going on surfing adventures with his friends to exotic locales.


​His art?  It's the rhythm of nature translated:  pure, simple. Zen is versatile; encompassing a broad range of styles and media, from the abstract through impressionism to realism. Distinctive logo design for corporate identity. Cutting-edge graphics for the top apparel companies. The surfboards he hand shapes are revered by surfers world-wide.His colorful murals adorn homes, schools, churches and libraries.


​Zen's eclectic inspirations include "Old Masters" Michaelangelo and Vermeer, a variety of impressionists including Cezanne, Van Gough, Gauguin and Tamayo, and the ink work of Aubrey Beardsley and Rick Griffin.

The work of Zen Del Rio exudes the wonder of life,
the beauty of the environment and the eternity of the soul.

He welcomes you to join the adventure!



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