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I started shaping surfboards when I was thirteen years old. When a 11’4” Hynson gun I had was destroyed on the rocks during the epic swell of December 1969, I stripped off the fiberglass and shaped my first board. 


Early on, I was influenced by a radical group of shapers. Guys like Mike Diffenderfer, Jim Irons, Dale Struble, Brett Cooper, B.J. Diggins, Kent Constable, Steve Coletta, Chris Lundy, Kim Purington, Mike Moody, John Amundson, and Jeff Biggs. They were all so willing to share their knowledge and shaping techniques with me.  


I now shape boards under the Trident label, building all types of boards depending on your style and preferences.


Contact me if you would like me to make a board for you and join the Trident team!

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